Gorilla And Nyiragongo Trek Experience

Create a travel experience of yours in the jungle!

Luxury tours and safaris aren’t just about staying in high-end, excellent, exclusive hotel and lodges and visiting a beautiful destination; the real luxury comes from the whole experience and the sense of fulfillment you get to take with you always when your holiday comes to an end.

The 10-day tour to Burundi, Rwanda, and the Congo-Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) for cultural, birding, wildlife, chimpanzee and gorilla trekking, and Nyiragongo trek experiences. The tour starts in Burundi– Bujumbura International Airport and ends in Rwanda– Kigali International Airport, and can be tailor-made for individuals, couples, small groups all year long.

This a program for people aiming at having a combined experience on both aspects- cultural, historical heritage, game drives, chimpanzee, and gorilla trekking with a local tour operator. This is not a fixed departure tour, hence it can be executed any season of the year.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda


Do you want to discover nature and fauna during your trekking ? Do you want to have a feeling after seeing animals in their natural home, without fencing and cages ? Do you want to find a place where you can see real nature ?

We propose you to see gorillas during trekking in Rwanda. This country is well-known to be a place where nature is rich and amazing and close to you. Rwanda, with its stunning natural beauty in its scenic rolling and breathtaking green savannah, deserves to be discovered by any adventure traveler. Rwanda also hosts some rare species of animals like the silverback mountain gorillas as well as unique birds and insects in the tropical forest of Nyungwe.

Discovering gorillas in Rwanda through epic treking is a major adventure travel activity aventurers should do. Many of them consider this activity as their best adventure travel experience ever in Rwanda. You'll feel a sensation to see bluff charges by silverback and a baby gorilla.

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