Video: Discovering the Ahouakro Archaeological Parc, Côte d’Ivoire


Let's us make you know a kenyan youtuber living in Côte d'Ivoire. She uses to make many videos about travels and living in Côte d'Ivoire. You'll have to discover her videos from Côte d'Ivoire.

Let's go to an archaeological site in Côte d'Ivoire, the Ahouakro Archaeological Parc. It's situated in the North of the Sub-prefecture of Tiassalé, 145 km from Abidjan. The site, which covers an area of 120 hectares, is dominated by plant formations characteristic of the forest-savanna border (patches of Guinean savannah dominated by rôniers, patches of gallery forests, etc.). The Ahouakro Archaeological Park is located within a massif made of magmatic megaliths (methanoïc) essentially composed of oligoclase, quartz, hornblende and green biotites.

This ensemble is dated to the Lower to Middle Ryacian, i.e. Middle Paleo Proterozoic (Birimian): from -2300 to -2150 million years ago. The local Baoulé populations, both riparian and managers of the site, have adopted singular and original toponymies, according to particular configurations ("finger of Nanan Koffi Ahoua", "intelligence in balance", "corrective rock", etc.) or according to religious meanings (residence of the male genius "diandia-yassoa", residence of the female genius "diandia bla", place of the assembly of geniuses "awlokloun", etc.). In addition to these megaliths, the Archaeological Park of Ahouakro shelters many vestiges of disappeared civilizations. Here and there we discover polishing workshops, traces of tool sharpening, grooved monuments with artistic decoration and rocks with decorative walls, from the Neolithic period.

It's a great opportunity to discover an unknown archaeological parc in the middle of a forest in Côte d'Ivoire. It's always extraordinary.

Africa Day 2020

Dear members,

We celebrate Africa Day today. It's the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25, 1963. This day is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world. The organisation was transformed into the African Union on July 9, 2002 in Durban, South Africa, but the holiday continues to be celebrated on May 25.

On behalf of this special day, we reaffirm our interest of promoting adventure travels toward Africa. Since 2012, we've always considered Africa as a growing and beautiful destinations for adventure travels, especially for majestic nature and wildlife discovery and epic outdoor activity. Furthermore, we've been amazed by its impressive cultural diversity.

We've built many partneships with Angola, Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. We offer you an cesse to reach our partners a book for travels. We also look for other partnerships with other african countries

Happy Africa Day 2020. Don't hesitate to discover this continent.


Video: Packing for a Drakensberg Hike


Are you ready for hiking, the most popular mountains in South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains ? We know you'd be very impatient to go for the challenge.

Are you sure you're prepared for this challenge ? Listen some advices from experienced hikers. It's very important.

When you go for hiking or trekking in the Drakensberg, one of the most important aspects of a successful hike is to ensure you have the correct equipment. Conditions in the Drakensberg Mountains can change drastically. Sunny, warm weather can suddenly change into cold rainy conditions within an hour. It is for this reason hikers always need to be well prepared for the worst case scenario. The seasons will also play a vital role in the type of equipment you will need for a multi-day hike in the Drakensberg. This video gives you an in depth look at what an expert guide recommends. 

Was this video very helpful for you ? You can now go for trekking in South Africa.

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Announcement: Virtual Travel Website

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there's actually no place for any travel. We're sad about this situation and we offer our support for those fighting against this virus. We're also concerned by those who lost friend or family. This situation makes us think about the importance of health issues when going to travel and the impact of a pandemic on travel industry.

Unable to travel in these times ? Don't worry.

Actually, we're working on a website for virtual adventure travels. We'll publish beautiful pictures from exotic destinations you like. You'll have a very good opportunity to not only see photos and pictures from your friends, but also from the best we've selected since the beginnings. You'll also consider the new website as a book for adventure travel photography.

We're going to deliver this website as soon as it's ready.

We hope you'll be happy to discover breathbreaking photos from exotic destinations like Africa, you're fine you and friends and family and going for adventure travel as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Video: The Pyramid of Saqqara, Egypt


Saqqara is the largest archaeoligical site in Egypt. adventure travelers and Acient Egypt admirers should discover and visit in Egypt.  It's vast, ancient burial ground in Egypt, serving as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step pyramid of Djoser, sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb due to its rectangular base, as well as a number of mastabas (Arabic word meaning 'bench'). Located some 30 km south of modern-day Cairo, Saqqara covers an area of around 7 by 1.5 km .

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Video: Discovering Edfu, Egypt


Let's go to an important and interesting destination for adventure travelers and Ancient Egypt fans. They should travel in the city of Edfu (Behdet in antiquity).  It's located on the west bank of the Nile River between Esna and Aswan, in Egypt. Visiting the city of Edfu, with its temple is an must-do during an archaeological excursion.

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Video: Discovering Dendera, Egypt


Let's go to an important place adventure travelers  and Ancient Egypt fans should go during their travel in Egypt. This place is Dendera (Denderah, Iunet in ancient egyptian). It's a small town and former bishopric in Egypt situated on the west bank of the Nile, about 5 km south of Qena, on the opposite side of the river. It's also located approximately 60 km north of Luxor. Dendera is one of the most important cities for adventure tourism in Egypt, especially for cultural exchange and archaeological excursions.

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Visiting Mount Kenya

We've always considered Mount Kenya as one of the most important symbols and attractions for any adventure travelers going to Kenya, especially climbers, hikers and mountains fans. Mount Kenya is also the source of the name of the Republic of Kenya. There are eight walking routes up to the main peaks. Starting clockwise from the north these are the: Meru, Chogoria, Kamweti, Naro Moru, Burguret, Sirimon and Timau Routes. Of these Chogoria, Naro Moru and Sirimon and used most frequently and therefore have staffed gates. The other routes require special permission from the Kenya Wildlife Service to use.

Mount Kenya has been listed by the New York Times as one of the top 52 places to visit in 2020.

Thanks to the New York Times, one of the most important newspaper in the World, Mount Kenya's going to get more traction from adventurers willing to mounteer, hike and climb in exotic destinations like Kenya. Furthermore Kenya is going to be more considered as a major country for adventure travels in Africa.

Thanks very much New York Time.


Video: Discovering the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Let's go discover the impressive and magnificient wildlife of Uganda, the "Pearl of Africa". We suggest adventure travelers go to the Queen Elizabeth National Park, the most visited national park in Uganda, and also one of the most iconic national park because of its wildlife. Visiting the Queen Elizabeth National Park give to adventurers a great opportunity to see Uganda's beautiful and vibrant wildlife.

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