GlobeTrotterTr@vel proposes to its members and potential adventure travelers many social media services. Members will discover exotic destinations through friendship creation and social interaction. GlobeTrotterTr@vel is willing to build an important community of adventure travelers. As social media, we consider community as  a great place to build friendships around the World, share experiences and ignites travels. GlobeTrotterTr@vel makes its members meet each other through its Blog, Community Forum, Groups, Videos and Photos share, Travel Events and Exotic Destinations. We have two websites for our community.

Main Site

  • Travel Events: Members will have the opportunity to see upcoming tours from our partners, go to their websites and book for travels.
  • Exotic Destinations: Members can choose a destination they want, connect to our partners’ websites and book for travels. Members can also share their opinion for each country.
  • Blog: Like others social media, GlobeTrotterTr@vel owns a blog, which is essentially composed of articles about travelling and destinations. News about our network can also be found in our blog. Its goal is to inform our members about countries they’re going to discover and have an appreciation.
  • Photos & Videos: The best photos and videos will be published in the Main Site.


  • Social Media Activity: In this social media, members will have a profile, personal messages, a personal activity feed, a friends list, a list of his groups and forum topics. A general activity feed is also present. Friendships between members can be created and members can choose their favorite groups and forum topics.
  • Discussion Forum: Forum is focused on discussions about adventure travels, following their interests, and many issues. Members are invited to share news and opinions about these issues.
  • Groups: Groups reflect members’ interests on adventure travels toward their favorite exotic destinations. Members are invited to subscribe to their favorite groups, following their interests. Members have good possibilitities to create new friendships with each other.
    • Group Videos: Share your adventure travels videos with your friends in this group. Videos can make our members discover other destinations and make them interested to go to these destinations.
    • Group Photos: Share your adventure travels photos with your friendsin this group. Photos can make our members discover other destinations and make them interested to go to these destinations.

Members’ interests

As social media, we get attention from our members’ traveling interests and our groups reflect on it.
  • Cultural Exchange: Spiritual tourism, Culinary tourism, Cultural tourism, Urban exploration, Archaeoligical excursions
  • Outdoor Activity: Mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, paragliding, hiking, exploring, sandboarding, caving and rock climbing, Overlanding
  • Nature Discovery: Jungle tourism, Ecotourism