Our Ethics Code

Dear GlobeTrotterTr@vel members,

You are welcome to our social networking website.

As a social networking website, we appreciate when new members come share their expériences, photos, videos and impressions about their travels, choose their travel interests, read our blog and get more information about destinations. They enjoy contacting other members from other destinations.

However, to protect privacy, your friendships, prevent bad behaviors in our forums and blogs between members and respect of the main theme, we have to establish an ethics code. Each member has to respect our code in order to have fun and for good discussions on our website.

Our code is made up of the following rules :

  1. Content: your photos, pictures, discussion subjects, videos and music you sent will have to be accepted before being added to our website.
  2. Main theme: the main theme is about Travelling. No photos, pictures, music, videos and discussions about another subject are allowed. Members who will not respect our main theme will be immediately suspended.
  3. Casinos promotions: these promotions are strictly prohibited in our blogs and forums of our website. Members who will promote casinos will be immidiately suspended.
  4. Sexual tourism: this form of tourism is immoral for us regardless of whether or not it’s illegal. We will not accept discussions, pictures (nude) and videos about sexual tourism. Members who will talk about sexual tourism will be immediately suspended.
  5. Forum: Members are allowed to add new discussions. Otherwise, they have to go to discussions which already exist.
  6. Language behavior: members have to be polite and fair play. Otherwise, members may be suspended.
  7. Forbidden issues: politics, religion, drugs, alcohol, gambling, medicine, casinos, sex, sexual tourism, racist messages.
  8. Fake news: we won’t tolerate any fake news. Members who will promote casinos will be immidiately and definitely excluded.