Birdwatching in Zambia

Let's go for birdwatching in Zambia. It's a great opportunity to observe fauna in Zambia, especially birds. This country owns an extraordinary fauna that's going to attract many adventure travalers who're passioned by observing birds.

Zambia has over 750 bird species recorded out of which well over 600 species are residents or afro-tropical migrants which breed here and about 100 are non-breeding migrants or vagrants from the palearctic region. It is a birdwatcher ’s paradise as every nationalpark has at least above 350 species in record. Notable among these bird species is the African fish-eagle, Zambia's national bird and the Chaplin’s barbet or the Zambian barbet which is endemic to Zambia. Let’s bird and explore the skies filled with the marvelous creatures in flight or the trees where they nestle.

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How Travel & Tourism Look After Coronavirus Crisis

This year 2020 has been deeply affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. This crisis made an important impact on travel industry around the World. So many adventure travelers couldn't travel to other destinations. Some lucky travelers were obliged to follow many strict conditions of travel. Many countries, which depend on tourism, were deeply affected by the strong decrease number of visitors. It'll take many years for the travel industry to recover from this sever crisis. As for us, we send to many people who baddly suffered around the world our message of compassion and courage for them, family and friends.

However, it's time to think about the future of tourism and travel industry in a post-Coronavirus world, especially in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi). There're wome good news. Furthermore many countries were less affected

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