Video: Preparing for Trekking Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Firstly, we present you Backpacker Steve, a great adventure traveler who show through his videos on Youtube: scenic landscapes, action activities, backpacking adventures, foreign cultures and inspiring people. He's also producer and cameraman. It's a great deal to meet an experienced adventurer if we want to learn how to correctly go for trekking.

Many adventure travelers want to have a great challenge by trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Going for adventure in Tanzania without trekking the Roof of Africa doesn't worth going for adventure in this country. Mount Kilimanjaro is a top destination for any adventurer in Tanzania. However, it's important to prepare for this challenge.

We invite you to wat ch this video from Bacpacker Steve. After successfully summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, he's willing to share his best tips on how to prepare for trekking the Roof of Africa in Tanzania with watchers.

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Video: Packing for a Drakensberg Hike


Are you ready for hiking, the most popular mountains in South Africa, the Drakensberg Mountains ? We know you'd be very impatient to go for the challenge.

Are you sure you're prepared for this challenge ? Listen some advices from experienced hikers. It's very important.

When you go for hiking or trekking in the Drakensberg, one of the most important aspects of a successful hike is to ensure you have the correct equipment. Conditions in the Drakensberg Mountains can change drastically. Sunny, warm weather can suddenly change into cold rainy conditions within an hour. It is for this reason hikers always need to be well prepared for the worst case scenario. The seasons will also play a vital role in the type of equipment you will need for a multi-day hike in the Drakensberg. This video gives you an in depth look at what an expert guide recommends. 

Was this video very helpful for you ? You can now go for trekking in South Africa.

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