Video: Kitesurfing in Zanzibar, Tanzania


Zanzibar is a major destination for any adventure travel in Tanzania, especially for aquatic adventures. We've always considered Zanzibar as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Let's go to this beautiful island for an exciting aquatic outdoor activity: kitesurfing.

The following videos are going to show you young adventurers going to kitesurf holiday in Zanzibar. They enjoy doing kitesurfing in the beaches of Zanzibar. Imagine kitesurfing above beautiful beaches and blue waters in the Indian Ocean. It's a great experience to meet new amazing people, enjoy the beauty of Zanzibar and accept new challenges. There're many kitesurfing services adventurers'll meet. 

Through videos, we invite aquatic adventure travelers to watch their experiences, the locations, the amazing kite hydrofoil airstyle tricks enjoy kitesurfing on one of the most breathtaking locations in Tanzania.


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