Video: Vodoun Festival, Benin


Are you wiling to go to Benin for a cultural adventure in Benin ?  This country has a great cultural reputation: it's the birthplace of the West African religion of Vodoun. Traditional Day or Vodoun Festival is a public holiday in Benin that celebrates the nation's history surrounding this religion. The celebration is held annually on January 10 throughout the country but most notably in the city of Ouidah. Beginning with the slaughter of a goat in honor of the spirits, the festival is filled with singing, dancing and the imbibing of liquor, especially gin. Vodoun was officially declared a religion in Benin in 1996 and the festival has attracted thousands of devotees and adventure tourists, traveling for culture, to Ouidah to participate in the festivities ever since.

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Adventure Travels in Benin


 For any West African adventure travel, Benin is a great country to discover. Since the last few years, Benin government has put into place various measures to increase the number of tourists, especially adventure travelers, visiting this country. Benin also puts ahead its relative stability and democracy.

Benin has a strong traditional and cultural heritage due to its past as Kingdom of Dahomey and being the birthplace of a famous religion. We consider Benin as a strong destination for cultural exchange during adventure travels and adventure travelers will be amzed by this impressive culture.

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Adventure Travels in Africa

Dear members,

We’ve a great news to our network’s member. Since 2012, we’ve began to search partnerships between our compagny and travel compagnies. Thanks to some friends and family, we contacted some travel agencies and conculded important partnership. The travel agencies with we built partnerships were situated in Benin, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia and Tanzania. These beautiful countries are among growing or very important destinations in Africa. We also consider Africa as an emerging destinations for adventure travels in the world. Adventure travelers will discover impressive wildlife, a large diversity of landscapes and warmful and culturally strong populations.

We’re very proud to build partnerships outside our compagny. They’re very important for us and our network’s members. Firstly, these compagnies trusted us because of opportunities to meet new customers for safaris and adventure travels. Secondly, members will get important opportunities to meet travel agencies, go to commercial websites through our website and buy tickets. Finaly, we’re building a great reputation in the Web thanks to our partnerships. Also, we’re going to add events about travels proposed by our partners. So members will know the news about tours and safaris.

You can go now to the Africa page to discover exotic destinations and discover new worlds. Good travel to Africa.