Statement: Burnings in Australia

Dear members,

We've considered Australia as a beautiful destination for adventure travels. We're very sad about the devasting burnings, which is destroying Australia's amazing fauna and flora. Furthermore we're shocked about the losss of animals.

As we promote adventure travels toward exotic destinations, we're concerned about the nature and environment protection and the devastations caused by the global warming. We're also aware by the fact global warmings could destroy beautiful destinations whose flauna and flora use to amaze adventure travelers. This could be a tragic loss for Australia.

We send our message of condolence and courage for Australia and firemen who struugle to end these burnings.

Best wishes,

Hiking the Budawangs, Australia


The Budawang Range, commonly called The Budawangs, a rugged mountain range within the Budawang National Park and the Morton National Park, are part of a spur off the Great Dividing Range and are located in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. The highest mountain in the range is Mount Budawang that has an elevation of 1,129 m. The Budawang Range is a great place for hiking.

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