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Adventure Travels in Benin


 For any West African adventure travel, Benin is a great country to discover. Since the last few years, Benin government has put into place various measures to increase the number of tourists, especially adventure travelers, visiting this country. Benin also puts ahead its relative stability and democracy.

Benin has a strong traditional and cultural heritage due to its past as Kingdom of Dahomey and being the birthplace of a famous religion. We consider Benin as a strong destination for cultural exchange during adventure travels and adventure travelers will be amzed by this impressive culture.

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Adventure Travels in Egypt


We consider Egypt as an amazing Superpower of adventure tourism in Africa. We’ve been fascinated by this country and its fabulous cultural and historical heritage, which is internationally known. This is why Egypt is the destination which attracts the highest number of tourists for Africa. As for us, we’ve considered to travel ourselves in Egypt, because we’ve been great fans of Ancient Egypt Civilization.

Furthermore, there are many things to discover for adventure travelers to believe. Adventure travelers should focus on archaeological excursions in many Ancient Egypt sites, diving in the stunning Red Sea, cruising through the magnificient Nile River, going for cultural tours in Cairo, the capital,  visiting the Sphinx, The beautiful Great Pyramid, and then Alexandria and riding a donkey or a camel. 

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