Video: Diving near Dahab, Egypt


Egypt's historical and cultural heritage attracts many adventure tourists from the World. Egypt is also a major destination for diving in the Red Sea. Let's go to Dahab, a small city situated in Egypt.

Dahab is a small town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, approximately 80 km northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Formerly a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is now considered to be one of Sinai's most important diving destinations.

Dahab attracts large numbers of adventure tourists, who are fans of aquatic outdoor activities. It is world-renowned for its windsurfing. Reliable winds provide superb flat-water conditions inside Dahab's sand spit. Further away from shore, wavy conditions couple with strong winds to provide formidable conditions for keen windsurfers. However, in recent years, the lagoon inside the sand spit has been overtaken by kitesurfers, with two Russian-owned schools opening right on the beach. SCUBA diving, free-diving and snorkelling are also popular activities with many reefs immediately adjacent to waterfront hotels. The nearby Blue Hole (nicknamed "The World's Most Dangerous Diving Site") and Canyon are internationally famous dive spots. The increasing destruction of coral from reckless divers/dive centres diving is a pressing issue that is causing some worry, sparking the need to regulate dive centres more thoroughly.


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