Video: Trekking and Hiking in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia


We consider trekking and hiking in the Simiem Mountains is Ethiopia's signature adventure. Having an epic adventure travel in Ethiopia without going to the Simien Mountains doesn't worth it.

The Semien Mountains (Amharic: ስሜን ተራሮች), in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar in Amhara region, are part of the Ethiopian Highlands. They are a World Heritage Site and include the Simien Mountains National Park. The mountains consist of plateaus separated by valleys and rising to pinnacles. The tallest peak is Ras Dejen (4,550 m); other notable heights include Mounts Biuat (4,437 m) and Kidis Yared (4,453 m). Because of their geological origins, the mountains are almost unique, with only South Africa's Drakensberg having been formed in the same manner and thus appearing similar. Notable animals in the mountains include the walia ibex, gelada, and caracal. 

We present many videos of trekkers and hikers in the Simien Mountains. Reputation of Simien Mountains as highest mountains in Ethiopia and possibly one of the highest in Africa, together with pictures of impressive and smashing views, is taking adventurers' full attention in early stages of Ethiopian Trip preparation. Basically no matter how adventurers look at them, Simien Mountains will leave them and many potential adventurers speechless. Comprising one of the Africa's principal mountain massifs, the Simiens Mountains are made up of several plateaus, separated by broad river valleys. The whole Landscape is incredibly dramatic.

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