Video: Hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa


The Table Mountain is a the major attraction, which is overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. From the top of this mountain, we can have an amazing and impressive sight of not only the city of Cape Town, but also the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic Ocean mix with the Indian Ocean. Adventure travelers will see the Atlantic and Indian Oceans joining each other, from the top of the Table Mountain. Trekkers can try a faboulous walk from Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope, which takes about one hour. If adventure travelers are really fit, they can also take a walk up table mountain, starting from close to the lower cable car station. 

On top of the mountain, and particularly on the Back Table, there is an extensive network of well marked footpaths offering hiking opportunities over a wide variety of terrains, and distances which can be covered in 30 minutes to several hours (or even all day if so desired). Good maps of all the routes are available at bookshops and outdoor recreation stores, which hikers are advised to use, as dense mist and cold weather (or extreme heat) can descend without warning at any time of the year.

Hiking on Table Mountain is popular amongst locals and foreign tourists, and a number of trails of varying difficulty are available. Hiking the Table Mountain is an epic outdoor activity adventure travelers should do when then visit South Africa.

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