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We consider Angola as an emerging adventure touristic destination, due to its marvelous nature and friendly people. Angola is a perfect destination for enthusiastic trekkers plus hikers particularly through the Tunda Vala Volcanic crevice adjacent to Laubango that offers outstanding views of the rolling hills just above the close Atlantic Ocean as seen from the rim of the escarpment. Many adventure travelers should discover Angola to be part of this wonderful Adventure.

Furthermore,  Music is the heart and soul of every Angolan, and can be heard everywhere with anything used as an excuse to party. Angola has a wide range of music, mainly Kuduro, Kizomba, Semba, and Tarrachinha, the latter being more enjoyable than all the others.


Angola is situated in Central Africa. It’s bordered by Namibia in the south, Zambia in the east and Congo-Brazzaville, as well as Congo-Kinshasa in the north.

Like the rest of tropical Africa, Angola experiences distinct, alternating rainy and dry seasons. The coastal strip is tempered by the cool city of Benguela. It is semiarid in the South and along the coast to Luanda. There is a short rainy season lasting from February to April. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild. The northern part has a cool, dry season (May to October) and a hot, rainy season (November to April). In the interior, above 1,006 m, the temperature and rainfall decrease. The interior highlands have a mild climate with a rainy season from November through April followed by a cool dry season from May to October. The heaviest rainfall occurs in April, and is accompanied by violent storms. The far north and Cabinda enjoy rain throughout much of the year.

Angola has varying landscapes that include high mountains, plateaus, and several dramatic features that can never be missed during an adventure holiday in Angola. Some of the prominent places to visit are Black rocks of Pungo Andongo found in Malenje, the village rocks of Pungo Andongo and many others. The Tunda Vala Volcanic crevice adjacent to Laubango offers outstanding views of the rolling hills just above the close Atlantic Ocean as seen from the rim of the escarpment. Also, visitors will find the very spectacular winding roads on the mountains in Lubango, Huila. The roads will take visitors through the verdant lands and the small village settlements that are all worth viewing.

Why visit Angola ?

Nature and Wildlife

The varied terrain of Angola together with its diverse climate makes it the best place to enjoy nature. Several different kinds of wildlife can be seen in this country, permitting visitors to view a combination of wild animals, birds plus the rich marine life. The biggest number of wildlife is found in Angola‘s dense rainforest, along the coasts and in the wide savannah and the country has a total of eleven National Parks.

The black palanca antelope is a unique antelope species in Angola. also the thick Angolan forests is home to some unique plants plus animals which make the experience very memorable.

Water Sports

The warm climate plus the beautiful coastline of Angola make it a wonderful destination for swimming as well as fishing. Luanda the capital city together with the adjacent Mussolo Island is excellent places for whichever type of water sports and are well-liked by surfers plus windsurfers. Mussolo is characterized by white beaches that are lined with stunning coconut trees and it’s a great swimming place.

Approximately 44 km south of the capital Luanda is Palmeirinhas beach that is well known for its fishing grounds, additionally, it’s famous for its dangerous undercurrents.

Walking and Trekking

A great place for hikers plus walkers is the spectacular Tunda Vala Volcanic Fissure found close Lubango that presents breathtaking sights from the fringe of the escarpment over undulating hills to the wide Atlantic Ocean just 18 miles from this mountain.

Scenery and Landscapes

The terrain includes wide tablelands ranging from 914 m to 1,524 m in elevation; then a higher plateau in the southern region varies from 1,219 m to 2,134 m. Angola‘s highest point is Mt Moco (at 2,612 m) found in the Bengula area followed by Mount Navil (at 2,479 m) within Cuanza Sul. Most of the terrain is dramatic, with weird rock formations, dropping waterfalls as well as deep gorges.

Angola’s National Parks

  • Cangandala National Park
  • Iona National Park
  • Kissama National Park

Main Attractions in Angola

Calandula Waterfalls

Calandula Waterfalls are the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, and a favorite tourist spot in Angola found in Malange, with the spectacular waters drop through cascading levels to a get height below to form a water spray that is cool and quite relaxing. The surround terrain is covered by verdant forests which offer very scenic views.

National Parks in Angola

Angola is very proud of its wealth and high diversity of wildlife species which have attracted several adventure tourists from all parts of the country. These have been well safe guarded in the various game parks and reserves. Some of the commonly seen game includes lions and elephants. The most prominent parks in the country include: Kissama National Park, Iona National park found Namibe, among many others.


Luanda is the largest city and prides in several houses typical of European architecture. The city has several museums, hotels and cathedrals prominent of all being the Cathedral of Luanda. Luanda is a hub of activity with various people going about as they engage in various forms of trade. The city has furthermore attractive architecture, well maintained roads plus streets and not to forget the numerous restaurants that offer some of the finest cuisines in Africa.

Nightlife in Angola

Angola is a very vibrant country not only during the day but also through the night. The people enjoy having fun and entertainment.

Angola’s beaches

Angola prides in more than 1,600 km of coastline on which are several attractive, accessible and favorable beaches close to Luanda, Namibe plus Benguela. Some of the popular beaches include IIha do Cabo beach, Santiago Beach and Das Miragens beach. There are several water sport activities to get involved in among which are snorkeling, diving, wind surfing and sailing.

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