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We consider Cameroon as an emerging destination for adventure travelling. Cameroon is a beautiful  touristic destination with a great history, traditions and an epitome of scenes which might put it in Africa.

Cameroon deserves to be nicknamed “Africa in Miniature”, because of its population’s hospitality, its great nature and fauna and national parks such as Mount Cameroon, Benoue National Park, Boubandjidda National Park, Korup National Park and Waza National Park, the most famous national park. Cameroon features French and English speaking portions, Muslim and Christian dominated regions, the tallest mountain in Central Africa and terrain that includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains and high plateau.


Cameroon is situated in Central Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo-Brazzaville to the south.

Climate in Cameroon varies with terrain, from tropical along the coast to semiarid and hot in the north. During the summer, there are lots of rains every day. Temperatures might be cold up in the mountains, especially at nights.

Why visit Cameroon ?

Cameroon has slowly become a popular travel destination for many holidaymakers and tourists. This country offers a variety of attractions for adventure visitors to enjoy while in the country as they indulge in the natural beauty and adventurous parts of Cameroon. Cameroon has outstanding museums, such as the Museum of Babungo, the Museum of Bandjoun, the Museum of Mankon and the Museum of Baham, in which its rich heritage is well preserved. One of the most important museums is the Benedictine Museum situated in Yaounde.

Tourism within Cameroon is a developing although relatively a small sector. Ever since the 1970s, the Cameroon government has developed the sector through creating a complete ministry of tourism as well as through encouraging investment by travel agencies, airlines plus hotels. The government relates to the nation as “Africa in miniature”, marketing its diverse geography, climate and culture. Its wildlife attracts safari-goers as well as large game hunters, since the country is home to most of the famous animals of Africa including: rhinoceroses, cheetahs, hippopotami, chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants plus giraffes.

Cameroon’s National Parks

  • Dja Faunal Reserve
  • Korup National Park
  • Bénoué National Park
  • Bouba National Park
  • Boumba National Park
  • Campo Ma’an National Park
  • Faro National Park
  • Lake Lobake National Park
  • Nki National Park

Main Attractions in Cameroon

Bénoué National Park

Visit this national park that is home to lions, buffalos, panthers, hippopotamuses, giraffes, crocodiles plus hyena, in addition to a number of primates, and may be visited throughout the year.

Bouba Ndjidah National Park

Found on the banks of River Mayo Lidi, within the distant north, this park is a well-liked place for seeing the black rhinoceros. Additional wildlife includes buffalos, lions, elands and elephants.

Cameroon’s forest people

Discover the forest people, and their traditional medicinal practises, hunting techniques, plus dances, on week-long trip to the southeast area.

Climbing Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is a strato-volcano mountain which holds the highest peak in the whole of Central Africa. It is located on the western side of the capital city of Cameroon known as Yaounde. It is a favorite destination for racing and several adventure tourists have traveled from all corners of the country to enjoy the thrill of this wonderful sport.

Waza National Park

Waza National Park is the most prominent of all National parks in the country. There are various animals in the park among which are lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants and ostriches. Tourists will have the opportunity to adventure through the park in the safari vehicles in the presence of the skilled guides who will detail you about the various animal species.

Korup National Park

This is Africa’s most ancient and most biologically varied rainforest offering an opportunity to see an array of trees, primates and birds, like many recently discovered species.

Festival National des Arts et de la Culture (FENAC)

Cameroon’s largest festival, that occurs in Maroua during December, is a vibrant scene of parades, shows, happy celebration as well as cultural events.


In this town rich with culture, discover several traditional structures dating back the German colonization era, plus a Sultan’s Palace that was finished in 1917. The market, the Musée du Palais and the Musée des Arts et des Traditions Bamoun are worth visiting.


Cameroon‘s lively capital covers seven hills. Points of interest include Benedictine Monastery’s Musée d’Art Cameroonais, a set of traditional crafts plus arts on Mont Fébé, as well as the newer National Museum of Yaoundé. The capital of Cameroon is renowned also for its beautiful green rolling terrain.

Lo béké National Park

Lobéké is habitat to the hard to see families of the western lowland gorillas. Guests can reside the night in a exclusively constructed watchtower for the finest opportunity to seeing these plus a selection of animals, including elephants, buffalos, giant forest hogs, red river hogs, yellow-backed duikers in addition to bongo antelopes.


Nights in Cameroon are very lively with happy people moving from one spot to another. The silence of the night is broken by the wonderful sounds of Cameroonian music played from the various clubs and disco halls.

Other attractions

Other activities to do or places to see include: Hiking, visiting Kalamaloué Reserve , Limbé port town, Rhumsiki village, Waza National Park and Rock climbing

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